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The World Is On Fire

Australia is on fire. The world is on fire. Unless you have been living on a different planet over the last few days, you will know about the crisis on the other side of the world. This is something that I feel very strongly about.

So many people think that because this is happening on the opposite side of the word it has nothing to do with them. It does. It really does. Many of us know people who live in Australia. I have a great friend who lives in Sydney and another in Tasmania. I’ve got connections with artists in Perth and many instagram friends who have been directly affected by this horrific catastrophe.

How would you feel if your house was on fire?

There are many global warming issues, with flooding being the one I am very aware of as I live out on the Somerset Levels and have seen the change in the countryside over the years. People get flooded, they close businesses, they have to dry out their houses, claim on insurance, and start again. Devastating. But how would YOU feel if a fire ball came towards you and engulfed everything you own. Everything. Nothing could be saved. Your pet dies, your livestock is incinerated and your home and land becomes ash?

Think about that. Imagine being told to leave your home. NOW. This scene is like something from a disaster movie. What would you take? Can you even imagine how these people must be feeling?

Yesterday I painted like I’ve never painted before.

Yesterday I was continuing a painting for the Words Project in the studio. As an energy artist, I place energy within the work to create healing and wellbeing. I’ve never really been one to knowingly channel work by connecting with a guide and then hearing a voice – I’m not technically Clairvoyant, I’m a healer but I don’t do readings. Yesterday something amazing happened.

I returned to a piece I had prepared the day before. It started soft, with words on paper added on top of the canvas instead of being painted onto it, and then I really allowed myself to flow.

The softer start of words, ink and oil pastels

I asked out loud.

I actually asked Mother Nature – Gaia, Pachamama, The Earth – what she wanted, and what I needed to do. I went from soft healing golden tones to FIRE. She was really shouting to me.


Listen to me! Pay attention. I give you flooding in Indonesia, I give you the extinction of animals, and deforestation, erupting volcanos and intense drought. I give you warmer winters and wetter springs to create merging seasons. I show you the pacific garbage patch, and marine pollution. NOW PAY ATTENTION! It is everyones problem. Everyone of you is a visitor on MY HOME LAND. You must learn, and you have to act NOW.  Everyone can do something. Everyone can go without a coffee and donate to help people. Declutter your houses, stop buying things you don’t need. Recycle what you can. Spread the word. Make time to change the small things. Stop complaining about governments doing nothing – you can DO SOMETHING. The more people who stand up and unite, the more others will take notice. You are a visitor on MY Planet. You wouldn’t leave your house in this mess. Clean it up. You are the ones to turn this round.

I’ve given you enough warning and now, THE WORLD IS ON FIRE.”

This was my first real channeling.

Not quite word for word, but that’s what happened. The next phase was that I needed to share it, and I was overdue for a blog post! We are in a fabulous position to be able to connect via the internet to all sorts of things. We can share advice, lovely quotes, our own photos, news etc. People are always complaining about it, but in a situation like this, it’s a powerful thing. A powerful tool for spreading the word.

             This was the result 

We are waking up.

This is a global matter, and we all need to take note. If you can’t donate money, do what you can. Cut down on unnecessary purchases – think before you buy. We have become such a disposable society, and we really can change. Everyone can do something. Clean your own back yard, and the rest will follow. Stop moaning about the state of the planet. It’s YOUR responsibility too.

We are here at this time to actually reverse what we, and those before us have done. People are losing homes and small islands are disappearing. This is not a hoax. Climate change is real and we will have to diversify. Spread the word and do what you can, no matter how small – It really does help.

Do what you can.

Every little bits helps, so do what you can. There is a funding page on Face Book through Celeste Barber, who has raised £25,000,000 so far for the fire fighters who are working as volunteers.

Click this LINK if you want to donate – I just donated what I would spend on a lunch in town on my day off. Some people are donating the price of a coffee – I think the singer Pink has donated a substantial amount. There are also funds being set up to help the animals that have been rescued – just search around to find a way you can help.

A koala drinks water from a bottle given by a firefighter in Cudlee Creek, South Australia. Photo/AP

The Art?

I nearly forgot! Things happen for reasons and timing is important, but in the woo woo world of manifesting and intention, the real life timings are often beyond our control. Those of you who are healers and work with energy will know what I mean when I mention ‘shifts’. Something happens – a light bulb moment, an epiphany, a shivers down your spine in a yoga class experience.

That’s what I’ve had – a shift. Instead of putting energy into the piece through Reiki and intention, the piece told me exactly what I should do. The ground work was through intention and energetic preparation – the original piece I showed in the video on Boxing Day – see instagram tv – but then creation through channelling happened. I listened and it made me cry and made me sad.

I had to share, as that’s what I’m here to do. It’s off to the framer tomorrow to have a tight black tray frame around it. When it’s ready, it may be part of the Words Exhibition I am working on for the summer. It looks much more dynamic in the flesh. The gold leaf really sets it off.

UPDATE: World On Fire – 22″ was SOLD in August 2020



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