And all because it snowed!

“…and all because it snowed!” a client said this week.

Things seem to be moving very quickly, but that’s me all over. I’ve learnt a lot about manifesting and gratitude over the years. Dream boards, setting intentions, releasing your expectations and allowing the universe to do its thing. Little did I know the non-ski holiday last year due to the issues from snowfall here cancelling our flight, would be a catalyst that would turn my life on to a slightly different track.

Life is too short to hang about!

My sideways step into energy art has been a fast one. Energies accelerating so quickly that I sometimes have trouble keeping up with it all! I wanted it, and things really are falling into place. Be careful what you wish for. If you look back to my blog about the treatments at The Scarlet in Cornwall, you will know that the Ayurvedic ‘Journey’ I received there really helped me navigate through the menopause. That, and the cancelled holiday, all linked together to bring me to where I am now.

Road trip to Cornwall!

Last week I had a meeting at The Scarlet, and three of my most recent pieces will be exhibited in their award winning spa – one being the explosion of colour you can see me painting in the video on my website, and the two from the very new Atlantis Collection containing texture and crystals.

“This is how I flow”   –   on the ‘About Me’ video.

Their sister hotel also has a gallery!

Five smaller pieces from the ‘Softer Collection’ have been taken to the gallery shop in their sister hotel – Bedruthan Steps. I can’t tell you how happy and excited I am. It just feels so right that my work will be seen in such an amazing space. I’m now painting a piece for the meditation room at The Scarlet which I can really connect with. Remember my work is Energy Art – it holds a vibration for healing on many levels. Being able to paint for a specific space is quite an honour.