Ashes to Art.

Something different is emerging. It may not be everyones taste, but I was recently asked to create a piece of art for a client using a small amount of her fathers ashes. This felt such a normal thing to do, that I jumped at the chance. It was such a beautiful idea, and just seemed so right.

I was surprised to see how many people make glass or resin jewellery from the ashes of a loved one as a keepsake. I don’t make jewellery, but I do create contemporary energy art, so this is another way to use the creative flow.

It’s all in the breath.

When I create my pieces of art, I use breath and Reiki (Universal Energy) to embed loving energy within each piece, so when I started working with ashes, this process was perfect, enabling the ashes to flow and embed into the paint, creating beautiful energetic abstract images.

The process was a very special experience for me, as I connected with the loved one, and painted intuitively. I normally create quiet work like this on a New Moon, so timing was perfect.

The space was set differently to my usual work. I ensured the ashes were treated with the gentle respect they deserve. Items to link with the Four Directions were placed around me  –

Fire – Incense or a candle. Water – in this case, the water fall in my garden. Air – the breath within the painting and the feather used to smudge. Earth – my feet on the ground and the crystals I chose around me.

The sun was shining and the garden was full of birds. I’m sure I won’t always have the chance to paint outside, but when the weather permits, it is the perfect environment to work on this level.

I’m not a clairvoyant.

Clairvoyance is not my primary gift so I won’t have specific messages for you. I can assure you that your piece of art is being created with love and understanding of the impact a lost loved one can have on you and your family.