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Did I Paint My A*se Off?

I was asked at the beginning of LD3 if I was going to paint my arse off while I was closed for therapies.

I didn't really think about the intensity behind the question until this weekend when I was two days away from taking clients again.

I actually just went with the flow.

It's very different to LD1 where we were all very quiet and at one with nature. This time last year we were just going into an unknown phase, where we were all considering our own mortality, and leaving our post on the doorstep until we could decontaminate it.

I had no idea that I would be away from the job I had done for 35 years for a long stretch of FIVE months. Then again, and now again!

How does this current lockdown differ?

We had winter this time round. No gardening, no lunches outside, and no need for bread-making - although I did try my hand at hot cross buns!

Last winter I had already purchased some large canvases and a selection of sketch books, so during LD1 I had plenty of supplies to get stuck in. I really worked with the energies that flowed as the whole world paused. By the time I was lucky to hold a real life exhibition in August - PAUSE - I had already started the next collection - ALCHEMY - Leading up to the cosmic alignment on 21st December, this collection was small, but beautiful as it contained gold leaf.

This time round, although we had an anticipated re-opening date, I just allowed myself to really emerge as an artist. I painted what came through, with a collection in mind but with no agenda of size or numbers. Going with the flow and seeing what I ended up with. I have been told how many pieces make a good exhibition, but how do we know when, or where a real life exhibition will take place? After all, I no longer have a venue I can use - The Langford Hotel closed last year - so I'm exploring different avenues and I'm ignoring the artists rule book!

I don't work to painting deadlines.

I see lots of artists on social media frantically trying to finish work in time for an event. If I had to push like that, the pieces just wouldn't have the freedom to evolve. After all, I'm an Energy Artist. When I sell a painting, I can't just create another one 'just like it' hoping for another sale. I've tried that and it really doesn't work! It just frustrates the hell out of me, with so much time wasted trying to recreate something. Wasted canvas and wasted time. I paint and create, then I launch.

I'm not an illustrator, nor am I a figurative artist. This is why I'm so reluctant to produce prints of my work. It's Energy Art! You really do get what comes through.

This Time We Have Emerged into Spring.

So, that's what you got during LD3 - A collection called EMERGING.

Not only is nature emerging once more, as we move into spring and summer, but so are we. Hopefully out of Lockdown for the last time, we are all re-evaluating the way we live and where we want to go next.

The feeling and the flow of the Emerging Collection is done. It's gone through me. I've changed. You've changed and the world has changed. It was completed today - Saturday 10th of April. It's a New Moon too! I didn't know that until a friend told me, but I had already tidied up the studio, cleaned the treatment space ready for Monday and the next phase of work is brewing - I can feel it!

Move and Flow as the Energies Change.

The work I began today is so different to the last three months. I really felt it shift. It just happened.

The Emerging collection is being photographed and videoed when the weather is good, and a virtual exhibition will be shown in May. Some pieces are already on the website, and if you'd like to view any pieces in person, I can now accept visitors - But please make an appointment!

The start of something new


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