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Don’t feel guilty!

We are on the fourth week of Lock Down and I’ve been going through a range of different emotions this month – one being guilt. I’ve been feeling guilty that I have a garden while other people are living in high rise flats in cities. In normal circumstances I would feel happy that I have a garden, but when I see people stuck inside with children during this crisis, I must admit I have felt quite guilty.

It’s not my place to feel guilty.

It’s interesting because those in flats may never want a garden, even if they were offered one. I know what it’s like to live in a flat – I lived in one above my Taunton salon for seven years after I got married. If my path hadn’t brought me here, I could be one of those only able to go out for an hour of exercise a day. The fact I have never wanted children, and I don’t have a large family to worry about, shouldn’t make me feel guilty, but this week it really did.  Being aware of what is going on is one thing, but allowing it to consume you is another.

And what about feeling guilty that we aren’t DOING enough?

Why don’t you do this…. why don’t you do that? I need to be DOING more…. really?

I’m very aware that many readers are still working in their usual jobs, but there are many of us who are unable to work. Suddenly almost overnight, we have no income. Yes, we can diversify, but we can’t change tack that fast! If we want to start online courses, we need to sort out the tech. The same with selling different things on line. If we don’t already offer this service then adjustments need to be made to websites, and if the tech isn’t your field, then it costs! At the moment cashflow is a huge issue for self employed people – we won’t see any money until June – so new websites and e-commerce additions may be a great idea, but might not be an option. Guilt pushes in again telling me that I should be creating something because everyone else is?

So, what are you doing with your time?  Are you cleaning the cupboards, painting the house and learning how to play the guitar? The first week of Lockdown saw so many options being put on social media, from new exercise classes to baking from fridge scrapings!

This is not a competition.

We are all different and we don’t all have to learn a new skill. Let’s not feel pressurised to use our time like we see others using theirs. This is not a competition. I see so many people rushing around doing things that they now have time to do, while others actually need to REST. We have been given TIME. I’ve done bugger all while I’ve been off and I’m not ashamed to say it! I’d never take this amount of time off. The most time I get off in a row is a weeks skiing, so this is a forced sabbatical.

I haven’t sorted my sock drawer or cleared the loft – well, the loft was cleared last year, so it’s not really on the list! What I have been able to do is the gardening without feeling like it’s a chore! I never get time to really enjoy it, as my days off are always spent weeding – and that’s only if the weather allows!

Everyone is different.

I needed to really settle down a bit this week. Having been energetically influenced by how others are dealing with the crisis, it really zapped my energy levels. I had to make time for me, and remember that we are all different, going through our own emotions, while walking different paths through all this weirdness.

Making time for the three ten minute meditations each day, and getting out in nature really helps. Getting out in my garden without feeling guilt. The one I have spent 52 years of my life waiting to enjoy!

Gratitude is key.

We have gone from ‘unprecedented times’ to ‘unusual times’, and we are all adjusting. Adjusting to what works for YOU. I live in the countryside and can get out for walks. I have a freezer, a veg box delivery, a milk man and a local pop up shop. I’m ok out here, and I no longer feel guilty about it, instead I feel thankful. Gratitude is key to life especially at this time of uncertainty. Show gratitude for everything you have and it will raise your energy levels. Raise those and you help keep a strong immune system.

Today I realised I was able to pick lilac from the garden because I had TIME. I see it every year, but always forget because I am working, and I only see it when I open the curtains in the morning. Today I could wander out and pick some, but it’s a shame I can’t share the smell with you – Its heavenly! Vibrations lifted again!

Stay Connected

If you use Face Book, I have a group set up over there for some top tips of energy boosting ideas and mindful relaxation. We all need it. Newsletters I’ve been doing to keep clients connected with what is happening have been going out more often than usual. If I can’t see clients in person, then I can stay in contact via social media and the internet. It’s a time to stay connected with people more than ever, even if we can’t touch each other!

The Face Book Group is HERE.

Sign up for a regular newsletter HERE.

Thank you for reading.

Stay Home. Stay Safe.



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