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The Man in the Orange Coat

Sadly, I don't have a photo of the man I'm writing about, so you'll just have to visualise a bright orange duffle coat, worn by an elderly gentleman, who resembled Fagin in a beany hat. Yes, imagine that!

I was recently on a business trip to Bath to meet the lovely Sarah McCallister - from The Fengshui Agency - to discuss some future collaborations. A lovely sunny day out on the train, for afternoon tea at the Pump Rooms. I'd arrived a couple of hours early so I could have a look around and enjoy the sunshine, and found myself in an indoor market with a fabulous deli. Mentally making a note of where it was, I knew that I should have time after our tea, to nip back and pick up a few goodies for MrH - he loves a soft egg centred scotch egg!

Tea was amazing...

We talked for ages and were the last ones to leave, so that's always a good sign, but I don't think either of us would have made the trip if we thought we wouldn't get along. It's all about connection and frequency - remember I'm an ENERGY artist, and she works in the same way! Needless to say, we were still chatting when we'd had post-tea a walk along the river, but had to part for her to drive home, and for me to walk to the station.

The universe works in mysterious ways

I found the deli, decided on some delights, and asked if he took cash. If you know me well, you will know I'm all for keeping cash and am very vocal about being wary of the push for digital for 'our convenience'.

I was aware that an old man in a bright orange duffle coat had stopped by the side of me, and as I pulled out my cash, he started talking. A LOT! He grinned, and said how cash is good and we mustn't give in to those global control freaks.

Oooooeeerrrr, what did I have here? A beggar wanting to mug me? I didn't think so - he was carrying his shopping. The coat was immaculate, and his nails were clean. He had sparkly eyes that screwed up when he grinned, showing his two off-centre front teeth. He was just someone who knew his own mind and was glad to find someone to talk to! I suspect the market was his cut through, and the trader seemed to know him as a regular character.

'I don't have one of those smart phones', he said. 'And I can't use the internet. People need to stop looking at their phones and talk to real people'. I agreed, and then realised he was just an old guy wanting to chat and he's found me paying cash, so he was right in there! I don't think he was expecting me to agree with him, but I obviously did.

My bag was buzzing

As I chatted, weirdly my phone was buzzing on silent under my arm inside my bag! I apologised, saying I must just answer my phone - no one ever calls me, so I really needed to check. It was a missed call from my brother. Those of you who have followed me for years will know that he is an autistic schizophrenic, and I'm his primary contact. I shop for him and visit once a week. He knew I was going on a train that day. Hold that thought, I'll come back to this.

The Man in Orange said, ' I didn't hear your phone ring?' So I explained that new phones can be silent so they don't interrupt people, and he launched right back in to how people need to keep off them. He told me he doesn't trust the banks, and always double checks his bank statements. He seemed shocked when I told him my mother had taught me to check mine, and I whole heartedly agreed with him.

'Keep your eye on what's yours or they'll swipe that off you if you're not careful.' Then he followed me. Well, not followed behind me, he walked along side. Not in my space, just next to me chatting.

And then, the weirdest comment, out of nowhere.

'So, how many of those astrazenicas did you take?'

'None, I didn't take any'

His wrinkled face lit up, he slowed down and said....

'Well, I had one, and ... never again. I was so sick for weeks and weeks, and no one listened to me. My doctor won't listen. I haven't been right since. Good for you girl. Good for you! I'm ex-special forces where I come from, I know what's going on and I'm not buying into it!'

Crikey. I hadn't expected that!

No matter where you are in the world you always attract like minded souls even if you're not looking for them.

I said how lovely it was talking to him. We shook hands. Not a firm business shake or a wet limp, I-don't-know-how-to-shake-hands embarrassment, but a heart felt hold. I wandered off to catch my train, mulling over what had just happened as I got my phone out to call my brother.

Now, he is a very kind soul, almost too kind and will often give money that he should really keep for himself, to beggars in the town. He always says he knows if they are 'good people' and he can afford a 'quid', so apparently that's ok. He just knows.

He had phoned to see if I'd had a nice day.

This NEVER happens. I had told him I was going on a train so I expect he was thinking about it, but I hadn't expected a call. The call came while I was taking to the orange coat. I told him I'd missed his call because I'd been talking to a man, who wasn't a beggar, just someone just wanting a chat, and that were on the same wavelength.

My brother said -

'Well, sometimes you just KNOW if it's okay to talk to people like that, because they have the same VIBE as you. You just feel it don't you?'

What can I say? My brother is a wise soul. He's used the word VIBE twice this year, the first time was when he was trying to explain why he gets on with some of his support staff and not others. I had said they aren't on the same frequency, or vibration as him, and he shouted, 'you SEE..... you do understand, it's the VIBE!'

My exhibition in June is called VIBE.

It's all about frequency, connection and those threads that draw us together. Even those in orange duffle coats with only two teeth.



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