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Simon's Seas

I write this just a day after I heard one of my friends had peacefully passed into spirit. It was one of those synchronistical moments when all the cogs turned like one of those games, where the marble runs down through lots of finely tuned slots and fulcrums, and ends up at the end with a prize.

I Was Going to Contact Him....

He was a passionate environmentalist, and I'd been thinking I should message him about the dinghies in the Channel. They are left to sink, after migrants have been lifted from them, while those that make it ashore, are housed in a hangar at Dover. Apparently, they can't be re-used because they are made for one trip only, so recycling for children's sports or charitable sale is not a safe option. As he was the founder of #5ThingsClear, (pick up five pieces of littler while you are out and about each day), and a huge campaigner for plastic pollution awareness, I wondered if he knew about this issue.

I Was Distracted.

I didn't message him. I was working with clients in the morning, and wanted to continue with a painting in the afternoon. I got really stuck into it, and the energies flowed. This was a Full Moon and I was really in the zone. A piece of work that had been on the naughty step for a very long time, suddenly emerged into something rather beautiful. Gold leaf was needed to seal the energies, but I needed to wait until it was dry, so it was left in the studio to settle overnight.

Emotional Time.

I returned to the studio this morning. The gold leaf was added, and I knew that the final piece would be placed with love on 21/12/21 - The Solstice. That's how I roll with something like this. Last year I completed 'Aquarius' at the point of the Saturn-Jupiter alignment, as we moved into the Age of Aquarius. This year, it just felt right that I should do the same with this piece.

I came in the house for a coffee, popped onto Facebook, and saw a message from my friend AnnSee Yeoh. She had sent on a post saying that our mutual friend, Simon Jordan had died suddenly the day before.

I couldn't believe it. This was someone who was such an inspiration to others. He had just written a motivational book, he swam every morning in the sea, and had just done a charity motorbike trip to raise money for a mobility scooter for a lady in his town - From West Bay to Lands End, up to John O'Groats and back home.... in 24 hours!

He was self-less and inspiring, living life in the flow.

I last saw him in the summer when came to my exhibition, and he was SUCH an incredible ray of light. 'Who was that great guy in the leathers?' people asked!

We move on..

Obviously I was upset. Upset, but also waves of gratitude that I had met him. Thankful that he had led such an amazing life helping others, and he certainly wouldn't want us to be maudlin about. I'm now continuing my writing a few days later.......

The video I shot after the final piece of gold was added, seems 'old' now so I won't post it directly here. I added it to my instagram and facebook, but many have already watched it. The emotions are different now. The emotions are of massive love and gratitude.

It makes you think. One minute he was here, the next, gone. Live each day fully, because you just never know. He was 53. That's a year younger than me.

He was waiting for a heart valve op in January, but seemed very relaxed about it, continuing with his ocean swimming, uploading the most beautiful videos of dawn at the Dorset beach. He was at one with all the 'woowoo', and beautifully connected to nature, climbing mountains and swimming seas.

Maybe that's why we connected so well? Not with the fitness though - you won't catch me swimming in our seas at dawn! Perhaps the Energy Art drew him, even though we originally connected about litter!? When we first met in person, it was like we's known each other for years.

So, here he is.

Meet Simon. Or Simon's Seas. I haven't quite decided on the name. He's stunning. Something that I was struggling with just flowed. Flowed as I was thinking about dinghies and the ocean, with Simons book on the side in the studio as I worked.... on the day he left this Earth.

Emotive, calming, powerful and transforming.

Completed on the Solstice, with the final layer of gold leaf.

Perfect balance. Perfect timing.

Love to you Simon Jordan.

Your Spirit can be felt everywhere.

I hope this piece finds the most perfect home.



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