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A Big Step!

"We travel the endless corridors of our mind until one day we find a pathway that leads us to our heart"

A few weeks ago I embarked on a coaching programme to move me into a different path with my art. Anyone who has been 'coached' will know one of the first you are expected to find, is your 'why'. My WHY has eluded me for ages, and this either mad me angry that I couldn't just speak it, or upset that everyone else seemed to have found theirs! That's obviously not true at all, because there are many people who have no idea what I'm taking about!

I needed to really think about WHY I chose this path. I needed to become very clear on my purpose if I was to move forward, and it wasn't easy at all!

Why do I do what I do?

I've been an holistic therapist for thirty five years, I've just always done what I've done. I wanted to be a therapist way before the word holistic was seen on a treatment menu. From the age of thirteen, I just knew that I wanted to help people feel better. And that's what I did. The whole process was very focused from O'Levels to get into college, to working for myself from small rooms above hair salons and then to building two large salons, before selling up and moving here.

I then moved in to Energy Art

The move into art was a natural process because I was fast approaching my 50s and wanted a career that wouldn't be dependant on my physical ability as I got older. Let's face it, I couldn't see myself massaging clients at the age of 65.... or could I? I've just found the post I wrote when things changed!

Read it here.

When the Rona rocked the world

Obviously, like many other people, my life changed quite a bit during 2020/21. The fear that when my career of 35 years was shut down for nine months, would my clients return when it was all over? The nervousness that, although I now had TIME to really move into the art, would people really want it?

The dreaded Imposter Syndrome was knocking on the door quite a lot.

But here I am. An accomplished artist having regular exhibitions, running workshops and even being booked for a Residency at The Create Gallery within Bedruthan Steps - the sister hotel to The Scarlet where my work is being seen by guests every day.

I'm Going To the City!

As part of the coaching programme, I am going to a networking event in London next month and have some lovely brochures being printed to show what I do. I don't want to just give people my number and say, 'look at my website/instagram'. I'm an artist, and I need something solid and tangible to take with me. As I was writing the words for the brochure, my WHY came through for the back page!

This is my 'WHY' - for the moment!

'Nothing matters more than helping other people find their joy and healing with Energy Art and holistic therapies. Seeing someone transfixed by a piece of art, that really draws them in and allows the breath to settle. To be able to watch the spark in their eyes and the joy within when a piece is hung in a space, where it will continue to send out healing vibrational energies to all those who gaze upon her.'

That’s what I do. I allow my creativity to fully flow though my connection with Mother Earth.

There are no rules. It’s about listening deeply and bringing those energies on to canvas or paper for others to feel deep within their soul.

I feel better about it now!

Apparently your WHY can change, and I have another one just for myself, that is more of a manifesting why. The end game. Where I want to be in five years time. I have a vision clear in my heart and mind.

I found this lovely quote.....

'You are an eternal spark of pure creativity, unlimited potential that yearns to be expressed and fulfilled. Your potential is your destiny, it awaits your call. Trust your heart and apply its love and wisdom to all you do. In this way, all you create or do will be a true expression of your soul. It's through expressing your truth that you create things of lasting value. Be true to you.'

The Adventure Begins

So, I'm off to the city to meet new people. I have bought clothes - I can't rock up in paint covered jeans and a fleece! I have my train ticket and an over night stay in a Premier Inn has been booked. Any feelings of trepidation are diminishing, so things are 'all good'.


Hi, thanks for stopping by!

Nicki is a Contemporary Energy Artist and Holistic Healer based in the beautiful Somerset Levels.

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