I’ve been a bit arty.

Some of you will have seen via instagram that I have been a little arty recently. It’s been a while coming to fruition, but I have embarked on something new. Something that can run alongside what I already do. I used to paint, but I’m not a natural born artist, giving up art at school, as only the superbly talented chosen ones were encouraged. My grandfather used to paint in oils and my grandmother was a dressmaker, and could sketch dresses on bodies, and faces with no trouble at all.

For me it didn’t come naturally.

As I wasn’t naturally gifted, I just didn’t bother. Until I was in my mid twenties, when I booked myself into a drawing and painting for beginners course at Dillington House.

It was a holiday really, and somewhere I could meet new people as a was single at the time. I was a little disappointed that all the other participants were over sixty and retired! I did get chance to use different mediums and realise that everyone had a different style, and I knew that I liked painting flowers rather than landscapes, and didn’t want the hassle of oils. I wanted speed! The speed of watercolour, with the purity and depth of the pigment.

From there I moved on.

I also tried hand painting on silk, as this was more illustrative, so I didn’t have to worry if the flower didn’t look quite like the one I was looking at. The last painting I did was before we got married. That was 18 years ago.

I kept my paints.

I kept everything in a lovely wooden box. All my lovely brushes and pads of water colour paper had travelled through two house moves, but hadn’t been used until NOW! I knew that water colour needed to take a back seat, so I ordered a set of acrylics. Abstract painting was where I felt I should be. It’s funny though, I’ve had all the tools for months, but the timing had to be perfect. I needed time alone, in the right light. I wanted to start in the spring, like a kind of emerging I guess!

An accomplished artist and healer friend of mine Aquara, had given me some words of encouragement. So off I went! Colour is the name of the game. I have emerged.