Highs and Lows. Lows and Highs.

There's no doubt about it, 2020 has been one hell of a year in more ways than we would ever have expected. No matter what your personal thoughts are about the '19', we have all been experiencing the effects in different ways. There have been pivotal moments for all of us, and it's not until you look back, you remember the highs and the lows. So much has happened in just one year, and it's not quite over yet. We've had a massive comic shift coinciding with the solstice, taking us into The Age of Aquarius, a Christmas with a tier system and Brexit negotiations going to the right to the wire.Things are changing.

Worlds are being turned upside down

Everyone is so different

One thing I have really noticed through this past year, is how very different people are. Our thoughts, our beliefs and our connection with each other. How friends have moved closer, or further away - in energetic connection, not in the physical plane. As I've moved through the year I've seen how so many people have embraced the tech. Connecting with friends and work through zoom, while others learnt how to do online grocery shopping for the first time. For me, there was a lot of noise on the internet. Everyone was doing on line studying or searching for courses.

The high point.

In the early days I panicked, like a lot of others, but this gave way to deep creativity and and the launch of the Pause Exhibition. It just seemed so right, and I emerged with a new focus, and a whole collection of work created while the world stood still. I was able to really call myself an artist 'with a background in holistic therapies.' The artist now comes first! This was my high