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It's been a loooong time!

I’ve just realised the last time I wrote a blog/journal post was at the Spring Equinox. As we are now fast approaching Mid-Summer, I thought it was about time I got my act together and updated things. I’ve been so focused on regular newsletter writing, that my creative journal writing really did take a back seat!

When I look back - and it's not that long ago....

I'm in the middle of 'Operation Exhibition Number FIVE', and I’ve realised how far I've come in such a short space of time. My first exhibition was at the now closed Langford Hotel in 2018, followed by another the following year. My style has changed so much since then! I was so nervous to host an event like this, even though I'd given many talks and demos in my career as a therapist and salon owner. This was completely new for me, but once it was underway, it felt so RIGHT. It's Energy Art, and I've worked with energy all my life. This was just a sideways step.

2018 The Start of Something Life Changing!

When the ol’ Rona came in to town....

After the second exhibition in 2019, I didn’t think I’d be able to hold one for a while, but amazingly I was able to use The Langford Hotel over a weekend just before it was sold in 2020. A perfect slot between Lock Down One and the Rule of 30 kicking in - remember that? It was actually a thing!

This was the PAUSE Exhibition, and it turned out to be the most incredible experience for me. Everyone was so grateful to be out with others after so many months of uncertainty. My work celebrated how Mother Nature had continued to flow quite happily while we were running around like headless chickens panicking in our heads, not knowing what would be thrown at us next. She knew, and she continued as the world seemed to PAUSE. We had been given time to reevaluate. Time to catch breath and choose.

Guests were able to see the work shown in an actual country house, with leaded windows and thick cascading drapes. The scene was set. It was perfect! I sold nearly all the pieces on the opening night, and I’ll never forget that feeling. A total high!

I knew that was my new direction.

The universe always provides for you when the intention is there, and the frequency corresponds. I’m an Energy Artist after all. This is what I do. I’ve worked with energy as a holistic therapist all my life, bringing balance and harmony to my clients during massage and facials. I teach Reiki, and listen to Mother nature when I paint outside. I now start commissions on a new Moon and complete them on a Full Moon. It's all coming together really nicely!

I still offer therapies and that feels good. I’m certainly not ready to walk away from my lovely clients just yet – many have been with me for a long time! The interaction with people is so important, so I’m not likely to become an eccentric reclusive artist!

This time is will be different.

This upcoming exhibition at The White Barn at Frogmary Green Farm will be different again. I found this incredible new space while attending a morning of yoga and brunch. It's HUGE and has the most amazing energy.

I'll be there from 8th – 10th July, with my most recent work combined with some from way back in 2020. It's an exhibition of how we use our TIME. The Preview Evening is the 7th, and as you’re a subscriber to my website, you are invited! If you’ve never been to a PV, it’s such a lovely vibe, and there’s no obligation to purchase – but if you do see a piece that literally sings out to you and believe me, most of my sales have happened that way, then that’s the time to catch my eye!

I do know where this one will take me

Unlike the previous events, I know exactly what's coming next! I have a residency at The Bedruthan Steps Hotel in Cornwall at the beginning of October. To think that their sister hotel, The Scarlet hosts several pieces of my work, and they offered me a whole week as a guest to paint by the sea, is just such a privilege. I haven't been to the sea since last year, which is quite sad as we live within half an hour of both coasts. It's not somewhere I like going in the summer though, so I'll wait. Far too many hot sweaty sun burnt people for my liking. Cooler October is fine with me!

I have other plans in the offing.... they aren't quite birthed yet, so I'll keep quiet for now.

I may see you at the White Barn! Drinks and canapés on the 7th!



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