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The Ink and Words Project Begins

This is a project that has been bubbling under for a few weeks. I’ve held off launching it fully until after the Open Studio here at Wayside House on 7th December, but I’ve already had a lot of interest so I think I will explain the reasoning behind it.

Some of you will know me from my work with clients, energy, reiki and healing. You will also know my passion for keeping everyone hydrated for various reasons – good skin, healthy gut, and mobile joints -but there is a deeper reason we need to drink water.

There’s a great book, Cellular Awakening, that explains the importance of ionic exchange within the cells at night, and how we can’t function properly if this doesn’t happen. Well worth a read!

Water holds memory and emotion.

Another very well know book – Hidden Messages In Water – explains this so well. When you speak nicely to a glass of water, freeze it, and then look at the crystals, they will look like snowflakes. Soft and pretty. When you shout angrily at water, freeze it and then look at the molecules, you see spiky angry crystals.

Play soft relaxing music, you get snowflakes, while if you play Led Zeppelin, you get spikes.

Water holds emotion.

There is a resonance. As your body is made of about 60% water, it’s only logical that this discovery by Dr Masaru Emoto means that your body holds emotion within the cells. Water holds memory.

What on earth does this have to do with the Ink and Words Project?

Well, my initial plan was to write a word or two with a dip pen, then use coloured ink to intuitively add a dimension to the piece and see if my stroke changed depending on the word. It quickly became apparent that this was a waste of time! I create energy art. I work with Reiki and love. Why on earth would I write a word like hate, or anger, just to see what happened. I knew what would happen, and who would want to buy a piece of work that was angry?

So, I had another plan!

Remember my work evolves very quickly. It took just a few hours for me to realise that I didn’t need to experiment with the vibration of angry words. I just needed to experiment with writing the words intuitively – with my eyes closed! I found some Chinese brushes that my grandfather used to paint with, and I wanted to go with the flow. The words have been random – one of the first was ‘Do You Need help?’ Created as my thinking brain got involved and I needed to step back and allow intuition through. Interesting that it was the first to sell, and created a lovely interaction on Facebook, and it actually looked better upside down!

A short phrase works better.

I’ve tried single words like meandering, and peanuts – (don’t ask!) – but I have found a few words phrased like Marmalade On Toast and Simply The Best, work much better. They are all created on bamboo paper, as it’s smooth and I can flow much better with the dip pen. Although I love the handmade rag paper from Two Rivers, it’s too bumpy for this type of work!

I was intending to launch this fully after Christmas, but I’ve already had a lot of interest. The pieces are quite small 3-4″ and are all professionally mounted but not framed. Priced at £55.00 each. As usual, all originals, no prints – It’s energy art!

An idea is hatching as I type this.

I’m thinking about asking my followers to suggest some phrases fo me to work with. No more than four words, and it has to be a positive, warm phrase, not an angry one. It can be a name, or whatever comes to mind. If it works, I will post the result and the sender will get the chance to purchase the piece first. This could end up being quite a busy plan…. lets see how it goes! let me know what you think.

Send me your words!



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