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The planet keeps turning

It's officially autumn! We've had the equinox and the harvest moon, and we are spinning wildly towards the festivals of Halloween and Christmas, realising that time just moves on and the world keeps turning.

Since changing my website to incorporate the blog with the newsletter in the same mailing list, there may be some people reading this who have never read one of these blogs before. I could lose numbers on my list, but equally I could gain some new readers to the blog. Years ago it was all about the numbers, now it's all about the quality! It's about reaching people who find my blogs interesting and helpful, or just amusing! It's about throwing some words of wisdom out there like faerie dust hand allow it to settle in the places it will do the best work.

This is a time of great change.

The time is NOW and we are all here for a reason, but you may not have realised it yet. What people really need is a wake up call! A call to arms, but not like a call to war. It's a different energy. It's a rising of higher vibrations and a breaking down of those darker and fearful energies. So many people are looking at how they are living their lives, and wanting a change - for the better. Lockdown did this to everyone, and every person on the planet will have experienced this year in a different way.

Can you feel it?

Can you see how things have shifted over the last six months? Can you feel where we are heading? It's all about transformation and the year 2020 was always going to bring along change, but we had no idea how this would happen. A pandemic certainly wasn't on my list of possibilities, but it has got global attention. It's brought people together and it's helping shine a light on all the things we need to change. Either personally or globally, but as we are all connected, anything you change will have a ripple effect.

There's no doubt it's created a huge amount of fear, and I have also been caught up in that tidal wave. We are human. Well, we are spiritual beings, having a human experience! So, we need to feel everything. Feel the fear and do it anyway. Make that change. It's all about transformation and now we are riding the top of that wave, we can see that we are going to be here when incredible changes can happen.

I painted this piece at the beginning of Lockdown.

The words written on the canvas underneath are:

One Life

Do It Anyway

F*ck it!

The energy is breaking through and we are going with it. It's called CIRCUS because it felt like we were in one!

Social Media has good and bad points.

The power of social media keeps us all connected and we receive news so much faster than we have ever done before, but just remember, not everything you read is true. It's easy to go down the rabbit hole and become more fearful. Try putting your attention into sharing amazing things. Share the love that is being shown at the moment. People on the planet are doing amazing things. Wishing harm to others - you know what I'm talking about here - will just lower your own vibrations.

The next two months are going to be challenging.

There will be another wave to ride in the next couple of months with old systems starting to dissolve in front of us. Our planet is sick, the media and our global governments are sick. We are being told that we are are all doomed! We certainly aren't! We are moving into a phase of beauty and compassionate energy. There is HOPE! A huge change is following so, look after your physical body, and lift those vibrations of your inner spirit. Love wins every time! We can do this!



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Nicki is a Contemporary Energy Artist and Holistic Healer based in the beautiful Somerset Levels.

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