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Will you or won't you?

I don't actually need to know, because we are all different. I'm talking about the most prominent issue in the media at the moment - besides the US election of course. I'm talking about the vaccine, and I'm writing from my 30 years experience in the field of holistic therapies, massage and healing.

It's become such a divisive subject.

Take what you need from this post, see what hits the spot for you, and remember that this is my personal blog. I'm not here to tell you what to do. We are energetic beings in a physical body, navigating through a lifetime on an incredible planet. Remember we has moved into The Age Of Aquarius. It was always going to be a weird time, and we now have the Corona - Or, as it should really be called - SARS-cov-2.

It's being rolled out.

There was always going to be a vaccine. There was always going to be a fight for who could produce it first, and remember that it was already waiting to be used. It just needed tweaking.

Let's also remember that without medicines, we wouldn't be where we are today. I'm sure there are many times in your life when you have taken some form of medicine. This vaccine, is not a medicine as such. It's not given when you have symptoms. It's a type of vaccine - so, if you have the jab, and then you do 'catch it', your symptoms won't be as bad as they would be if you hadn't taken it. If you are in the vulnerable group of people - very mature, or with underlying health conditions, it could prevent your death. But it might not. It does not stop you spreading it, and by next year, when CV2 has moved along, there may be need for another one. Just like the normal flu jab. And that's ok, if that's your choice.

You may have travelled abroad and had inoculations for a variety of diseases. Inoculations are very different to medicines you may need to take for a headache, a urinary infection or heart disease.

Some people need medicines to keep them alive, and I am very aware of this. My parents both take quite a few medications for a variety of ailments, and without those meds, they wouldn't be here.

Gratitude to the evolution of medicines, doctors and practitioners should always be there. BUT, I am also very aware that the Big Pharma is all about money. It's a massive industry, preferring to treat the symptoms, and not look at the holistic options. We are sick, unless proven otherwise. Apparently.

They don't always look at the bigger picture.

There are doctors who work with both hats. There are pharmacists who are also naturopaths and there are now many GP surgeries with therapies such as acupuncture, nutritionalists and hypnotherapists in residence. In general though, Big Pharma has no real interest in self help, good nutrition, a balanced gut biome, mindfulness, yoga..... I could go on, because people looking after themselves, doesn't make them any money. I think you get the picture, and if you've known me for years, then you will know only too well, that I would much prefer the natural approach first. That's my choice and the way I've worked all my life. This doesn't mean that I will turn down medications if they are needed.

What sits in my mind - There is STILL a 98% recovery rate.

Yes, there will always be younger people who have died from it, just as there are very old people who have recovered from it. There will always be young fit people who drop down of a heart attack or a brain tumour. There are ALWAYS exceptions to the general flow of life and death.

There are people who suffering from 'long-covid' - or post-viral fatigue. There would be people suffering like that from any virus, and yes if it was you or me, it could be quite debilitating. I have clients of all ages, and all professions. Some have been poorly with it, a couple have been in hospital. Others haven't. Some have already been given the jab because they are health care workers, while others are 'first in line', because of their age.

Judging others will deplete your energy.

I'm very aware of the powers of social media, after all, I use it a LOT! It's very easy to get lost down a rabbit hole of posts about the ins and outs of all of this, but you can also find some amazing things. Usually these are the posts that are being pulled off the platforms by censoring, but if you get in quickly, and follow people who are on your wavelength, there is some incredible information out there.

You can easily get lost in the darker side of internet searches, and end up not knowing what is the truth. This depletes your energy levels, just as trying to convince others that your way is the right way will really lower your vibrational filed, and then you leave yourself open to stress, anger and illness.

I've gone through my deep phase of anger.

Last March I think globally we all experienced fear. Those feelings aren't there for me any more, because I feel safe and optimistic for the future. I went into a stage of anger instead, coming from the deep manipulation out there, and how divisive it is. How people are made to feel selfish or uncaring if they don't believe a certain way. That's what happens to humans. My perception of how others see everything is none of my business, and how other people judge me should not sway me from my truth.

Through all of this I have stood by my own beliefs and feelings, regardless of others around me who think completely the opposite - and believe me, that can be very hard at times! I have learnt to really stand in my own truth even more, knowing that I choose what is right for me. That may not be right for you. I'm not telling people they are wrong, I'm just telling people what I believe, and you may or may not agree with me, because that's what makes us HUMAN.

Remember we are in a global and cosmic transition phase, and there is much more going on than just the virus - we've had lockdowns, job losses, mental health issues, worry, anger and loneliness. We've also had amazing changes in peoples lives. Light bulb moments and community spirit kicking in.

Love and kindness is the key. It always has been.

Why would I want to take it?

Well, as we stand at the moment, I don't. I don't feel that my lifestyle puts me in a high risk category, and I think the way I live will stand me in good stead to be able to deal with any virus if it should come my way. Maybe if I was 10 years older, or had health issues, I may think differently, but at the moment, I'm ok. I'm going with how I feel about it deep down right NOW. I have friends and family who are taking it, and that's ok. It's all ok. I just hope that by the time they get down to the 50 year olds, the rates will have naturally dropped, track and trace will be a thing of the past, and the whole, 'do I, don't I?' dilemma isn't an issue any more. Not that it's an issue for me.

Whatever you choose, go with how you feel deep down. Do your research if you need to, don't feel pressured, and know that everyone is very different. It's what makes us human.

What will I do instead?

I will be continuing as I have been for many years. I've always been a daily juicer - the greener the better! I take a high dose of natural minerals and curcumin, and now I take VitaminD - we have a long dark winter to get through. I also body tap night and day, specifically over my upper back and chest, to improve circulation the the respiratory system, and I do drink a LOT of water, and herbal teas - Hydration is key!

I don't drink alcohol, or eat meat, although I do eat a little fish. I could do with more exercise/yoga, but I'm working on that. After all, I'm human too!

I'm fully aware that living this lifestyle doesn't mean I won't catch it, and that's the same for all flu and colds. It just means I'm giving my immune system the best chance to do what it needs to do, by looking after it.

Until next time, thank you for reading.

Stay sane.

Nicki xxx



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