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Do what feels right for YOU

Here we go again, another wave to ride and more information to deal with and process. We knew this was going to be an ongoing time of change, but do we really know what this means? Does anyone really know? What I do know, is that during this process as human beings, we must do what we need to do. YOU must do what feels right for YOU.

There is so much information out there. So much noise. So many people giving data and statistics. Scientists warning us of this and that, IF this continues. IF you don't get a flu jab, this COULD happen. It might not, but it could. IF it does what will happen? Panic and fear running riot yet again.

Now, I'm not saying there isn't a need for concern. This is a very real health issue and many of us have been affected by it. I know of people who have had the virus, and some who have lost family members to it. It's very real, but we need to take a reality check. We need to start looking closer to home and working on the things that we can affect rather than getting sucked down the rabbit hole of doom and gloom through social media. If you haven't yet watched The Social Dilemma on Netflix, it's an eye opener for many!

Allowing your energies to be split into many pieces doesn't help anyone.

It's so easy to allow your energies to be split and diluted, by worrying about the things that don't directly affect you. For me personally I don't have children or grand children to worry about. I don't work in an environment when I have to wear a mask all day, and I don't live in a built up area or a high rise flat. I am thankful every day for where I live, and the lifestyle I have. If I start worrying about the rest of the world, it really pulls my energies and depletes my entire being, then, I'm of no use to anyone! I'm not blinkered about what's going on with the rest of the country, but worrying about the closing times of pubs and the rule of six isn't relevant to me, although I am very aware it must be an issue for many.


I'm so thankful that I was able to host my exhibition last month and some of the paintings are now going down to the Scarlet in Cornwall for hotel guests to enjoy, and maybe purchase. Gratitude all round, and as you know if you've been following me for a while, gratitude is key to lifting your energies. Take a moment in your day to reflect and give thanks.

Approach your life from a place of LOVE

The key to all of this and being able to ride the wave, is to approach everything from a place of LOVE and respect for yourself and others. There is a virus that is making everyone take a reality check. Looking at how you work, how you spend money and time, and how you react with others on a global scale. It's a time for the planet to re-set and notice that we are all so different! Getting sucked into the news about how other countries are dealing with things is, in my view pointless. Data and statistics is for scientists, and then even they don't really know. No one knows!

This morning I heard something random on the radio news - something about if you get normal flu and the 19 flu at the same time, you could have a one in six chance of dying. So, someone has actually worked that out? Spread the fear, get people to vaccinate. Panic, fear, worry, stress. I'm not saying that's right or wrong - because I don't know! What I do know, is that type of news depletes your energy, and in doing that, you are more likely to fall ill from all the other viruses and colds out there!

Look after yourself and the people close to you.

When you do that, the people close to you can also spread the good vibe energy to others, like a ripple effect or a web of love.

Stop judging others for their opinion. It's divisive.

Stop judging people for not wearing masks.

Listen to others even if you don't agree with their beliefs.

I'm used to listening to those with opinions that may sound weird, because I have an autistic brother who has some very odd thoughts on things! He always says in a state of worry and a stuttering panic, ' see what I mean....?' He just longs for someone to see how he thinks. Just because he thinks differently, doesn't mean he's wrong.

I allow him to talk, and I always say, 'Yes. I see what you mean. Let's see if that works then we may want to try this'. It takes patience and understanding, and RESPECT for him as a human being.

Stop worrying about things you can't change - it depletes your energy.

Focus on the things you can change. To do this, you need to be mindful. Look at your diet, make sure you take exercise especially during the winter months. Go back to the breath work you were doing back in March. It's another wave to ride, but great things are coming. If we go through this from a place of love we will raise the vibrations even higher.

You can't single handedly save a polar bear, but you can recycle more and get your family on board with it. You can't stop the fires in California, but you can switch think about how you travel and how your food is packaged. You can decided how to spend your time and who you interact with. Respect others, but know when their energy is no good for you. It doesn't mean you can't be friends with people who have different opinions.

Thank YOU!

You have probably noticed this is more blog-like than a newsletter. That was part of my re-brand, and to help me spend less time on so many platforms. This is the first post directly from my new site - so lets see how it goes! So far so good. Thank YOU for reading, supporting, and spreading the good vibes to your own circle.

Ride the wave!



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