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Does Mother Nature Want Us To Stop?

The phrase – Stop the world I want to get off came to me this morning. Is that what the world wants us to do? Has Mother Nature decided, right you lot, you just aren’t getting it are you? I’ve warned you, I’ve rocked you, and you just haven’t quite got it. Has she decided that she needs us all to STOP? To stop and recalibrate. The only way for this to happen is if the entire planet is affected by something.

There have been quite a few developments since my last blog, that was sparked by the loo roll crisis while I was on holiday. We have moved fairly swiftly, following the countries before us, and we are in Lock Down.

Now that’s a thing isn’t it? We knew it was coming, except there seem to be many people in the country who still don’t quite get it. I won’t irritate you by stating what we should and shouldn’t do. You have all had the memo and you are all doing what you need to do. Distance yourselves from each other and the virus will plateau out. Get through the next few weeks and months and we will come out the other side.

I’m a massage therapist, this is the hardest thing ever!

I’ve been working with clients for 30 years. Touch is my life.

Everyone is different, and we can learn from this.

If you have joined my Face Book Group to help keep people together and energies lifted, you will know I posted a video yesterday. I had been so annoyed at others and this annoyance continued into a full blown meltdown. I was so angry that people had caused the planet to do this in the first place. I was angry at the those who cut down the rain forests, the ones who kill dolphins, and more close to home I was furious with those who went to beaches on Sunday and ignored advice about social distancing. I then realised it was their choice and I had no idea about their personal circumstances. Everyone is different and everyone deals with things in different ways – like the need to buy lots of loo rolls! It’s not for me to judge, but it did give me content for this blog! Meant to be!

I wanted to unplug from all my devices!

I was finding every time I looked at Twitter or Facebook I got caught in the massive drama of the whole thing. I’d stopped watching the news, just catching the important announcements when necessary. It was really draining and I was swept up in the worry and fear and more importantly, the anger! I really wanted to pull everything out, but that really wouldn’t be a good idea, as we need really need to stay connected at this weird time! We are using our technology so much more now and as we are all being encouraged to work and school our children from home, face time and skype for your yoga and pilates, and we need to be grateful for this network of cyberspace contacts.

However, we can have too much!

Too much exposure to electromagnetic wavelengths from bluetooth will cause imbalance within the body. You know how you feel after you have spent too long on a computer? Well, think about all the other things in your home. How much electronic equipment do you have? Smart phones, pads, watches …. siri, alexa (don’t get me started on those!) Anything that uses bluetooth sends electromagnetic radiation waves into you house. Into your body. Smart meters included! Consider switching off for a while.

This is a perfect time to unplug and recalibrate.

During this time of locking down, we can give our bodies and minds a rest. Think of your body like a computer. When you PC gets a virus, some areas will run ok, while some run slower and others just don’t work at all, and may never be recovered – especially if you haven’t backed them up! That’s like your body, and in the bigger picture – thats the planet! She has a virus and it’s carried in us. Some will fair better than others, this is a fact. But, to keep you well, and keep your energies up, there are lots of tools you can use:

  1. Unplug for as long as you can each day.

  2. Hydrate and nourish. There’s plenty of food! Start juicing, make soup.

  3. Meditate – this doesn’t have to be woowoo-mossy-tuffet-sitting-stuff! Just get out in nature, open your windows and raise your endorphins. Notice the beautiful sunrise, breathe the air! Ten minutes three times a day of switching your thoughts to gratitude and love will improve your immune responses. Keeping you healthy so the virus will have no chance! The best flu jab ever – watch Dr Jo Dispenza

  4. Join the Face Book Group for regular mini relaxation tips, or subscribe to my Youtube channel – it’s not my biggest platform but I’m going to post these techniques over there so everyone can make use of them during this time where we all need to heal. I know you aren’t all on Social Media.

  5. Cut Cords – see below!

Time for some healing.

It’s not for me to tell what to do or not to do, but just consider this, my anger over the weekend was draining my energies, and I’m no good to anyone like that so I had to cut cords. Normally I would do this every evening, but I had lapsed! This time I had to do it to a collective. A massive disconnect from the things that were making me feel so sad.

I was going to blog about how my brother is dealing with all this, but I didn’t expect this post to be so long! Thank you for reading. Thank you for your support. Gratitude is so important at the moment.

Stay safe. Keep in touch! 



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