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How old do you need to be to have wisdom?

It’s a funny thing wisdom.  When do we get it? Does it mean the person has just lived longer or experienced more, travelled more, seen more, read more or just offers the advice that hits the spot?

I’m 48 years old. I don’t always mark my age with a birthday, but with the turn of the New Year. It used to upset me as we approached the ‘turn’, and I’ve never really being one for parties – the last time I went out on New Year was for the Millennium. It’s a young persons thing. Another chance to go out and party before we need to get serious again and begin another cycle of life. I have always found it odd that people start to make plans, start diets and reinvent their dream boards at this time. Why not any day? Every day is a chance to change. I guess we like a marker, and with the advent of social media, we all seem to feel the need to start again and sort our lives out.

I’ve had a defining moment, and it wasn’t at the turn of the New Year. Randomly scanning FaceBook this weekend, I found Dr Christian Northrup . Wow. Quite an inspiration. Everything I have learnt over the years about the power of the mind and how our beliefs can limit us were brought together with a great video on how we age through our thoughts and beliefs. Age is really a matter of mind. I knew this, but I had forgotten it, allowing my mind to get wrapped up in the ‘I am nearly 50’ cycle. Parents telling me ‘it’s your age you know’, rather than ‘ it’s great that you are so inspired by juicing/mindfulness/nutrition/healing to be able to help so many people’.

A few years ago I learnt how to give Theta Healing. Digging out belief patterns that are limiting you, and changing them for a more productive and inspiring ones. I stopped offering it as a stand alone treatment as I prefer to work with a hands on approach, but listening to Dr Northrup everything fell into place.


Sort out your mindset. Stop being defined by your age and your number. What is all this  ‘now you’re nearly 50 everything is downhill!’ ? What IS that? If enough people mention the menopause, memory loss, aches and pains, eyesight, you’ll end up believing your life is over! Get a grip.

With my 48 years has come quite a few changes. I didn’t get married until I was 33. I’ve never had children. I’ve had three dogs, one cat (and two gerbils.) I’ve had five different salons, developed my holistic side, given a few international talks, become a Reiki Master and written a book.

Today I had a message from someone I met at a drumming workshop last year. She had bought the book and wanted another one for a friend. She said ‘…..Lots of things in your book hit a chord but I felt a huge sense of personal freedom with your honesty….’ 

I guess that’s a bit of wisdom that hit the spot. Or was it just the right words at the right time? Whatever it was, I seem to have underestimated exactly how much I have achieved. I may not have travelled the world, been to numerous concerts and festivals, read a mountain of novels, or worked out how to download music on to my phone, but I am where I am.

I’m not finished yet. Age will not define me. I have wisdom.


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Nicki is a Contemporary Energy Artist and Holistic Healer based in the beautiful Somerset Levels.

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