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I am complete.

I am complete.

I don’t have anything missing, I just needed a make-over.

And I don’t mean I needed my hair done or new nails. More like a re-boot make over, like a car having a service. I just needed the time. Time that I would never ever have taken off if it hadn’t been for Covid19. An enforced sabbatical, which at the start was a huge worry. A worry over money, and a worry that I would lose all that I had built up over the last thirty years. I didn’t worry so much about not being able to go out, because I work from home anyway. I don’t go to the cinema very often and never go to the pub just for a drink, so the things that other people really miss didn’t bother me at all. There were moments when I worried about catching the virus, especially when MrH returned from a shift, and could have brought something back with him. Unlikely, but more of a possibility than me catching it from a gate post on the morning walk.

The worry subsides.

As time went on, I became less worried about contracting it, as I know my health is good and I am working on my own energy levels on a daily basis to ensure my vibrations are high. Clients continued to support me by purchasing their skin care and the original heart artwork is selling really well. I show gratitude every day that there is still a flow of money, even if it is a fraction of what I had before. But I’m ok. I am well, and I am complete.

The time needs to be right for YOU.

I was thinking about this yesterday as this piece of work – one of the largest I’ve ever done 75cm square – had a complete make over. I’d never really been happy with it. It was painted because so many people said I should go bigger. So I did, and I created ‘Into The Vortex’ as part of the Atlantis Collection in time for the exhibition last year, but it didn’t sell. It got comments, but no takers. Why? Because I did what others said I should do, and I went big – TOO EARLY! I’ve been looking at it for nearly a year. It’s been looking at me.

I’m not one to just put something away and ignore it, but the time needed to be right for me to deal with it. Take it out of the frame and bin it, or paint over it?

As I hate wasting canvas, especially in this economic climate, it got a make-over, and this time I was ready for it!

The original work gave the foundation.

I didn’t scrub it out, I built on it. I tuned in, and settled into my body, and I created. I am SO happy and it gives me goose bumps every time I look at it. All the tiny crystals were taken off, but the Herkimer Diamond wouldn’t budge. It needed to stay.

This is not a time to fear.

Whatever your story, whatever you are going through, you can use is as a foundation. Without it you have no story and nothing new can emerge. We move forward, and nothing will be the same although, when you think about it, nothing is really ever the same. Every minute of the day is different. We are now just being forced into sudden changes. Take it slow. Sometimes amazing things will emerge when the time is right.

And remember, everyone is different. That’s what makes us human.

Yes, she is for sale.

She is “Emerging Soul”.

When we are let out, you can visit her for a viewing, or she may get to an exhibition if the new guidelines allow me to schedule one. Who knows? But she’s now out there.

Complete and pretty awesome!

                               Emerging Soul 75cm Square Canvas in a White Wood Frame.



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