I got myself in a flat spin!

I’ve been away for a week and away from the local news, only seeing posts on social media that were an escalating frenzy of vicious supermarket fights over toilet rolls, and conflicting news about who should self-isolate from potential coronavirus and who shouldn’t. I woke up this morning in a bit of a flat spin! Should I go and shop RIGHT NOW just in case we have to self isolate? Should I make an inventory of what I have in the freezer, and should I also count how many toilet rolls I have and get some more just in case? ( I did actually count the number I had when we arrived home last night!)

I’ve been up a mountain.

Not an Italian mountain I hasten to add. I was one of the lucky ones who didn’t get their holiday cancelled, so there’s no need to panic! I was going to write a post about fermented food and being on top of the world, but this news is more relevant.

While I was away, I have seen how the world transmits news. News from the people on the ground, not the news the government thinks we should hear. Today I went to our local small Tesco, expecting a mad rush as the doors opened and empty shelves where the bread, loo rolls and hand wash used to be. Apparently they had run out of toilet rolls and bread yesterday, but that’s no different to when we are are expecting snow. Everything had been re-stocked – because that’s how supermarkets work. They see what’s happening and they change their orders. Lorries arrive, and shelves get replenished. We ARE NOT in an apocalyptic state -yet!

Plenty of loo rolls here

Loo rolls restocked. No panic here.

I have been sensible.