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It’s not just one day, it’s a whole season.

It’s not just for one day, this Christmas lark. It should extend through the whole season of Yule. The increased shopping frenzy and the worry if we have enough cheese in the fridge is just all-consuming. No wonder people feel the stress much more at this time of year. Christmas comes every year and every year I feel the same manic panic with all my clients. It keeps me in business, but I really wish we could take charge and stop trying to please everyone all of the time. This is always the case. Too much to do, too many people to see. Sometimes you have to look after number one! (No, that’s not being selfish, it’s self preservation!)

I must be getting old?

Am I becoming a bit of a bah-humbug about Christmas? Maybe it’s because I don’t have children, so I don’t directly see the excitement and fun that comes at this time of year. All I see is a steady stream of clients all becoming more and more stressed by the whole thing. This obviously is what I ‘do’, and believe me, I am not complaining. My job is to give you some space to rest and recuperate. To relax and off-load while being massaged, soothed and regenerated while having your hydrating winter warming facials.

Christmas comes once a year, and every year it is the same panic. Nothing new, I just see it from a different view point.

The trick is to be as organised as you can, not let the event itself overwhelm you, and learn to say no. That’s a big one! 

The tree is the focus of my Yuletide

We think of Christmas being just the one day, but it is a whole season. No matter which religion you follow, or which old ways you like to dip into, the world knows the 25th of December is a special day. The day we believe Jesus Christ was born, but lets think of the whole of Yuletide. From the 21st the days start to lengthen after the shortest day of sunlight, and the festival of tree adorning begins. For me the bringing in of a tree and decorating it, is a real highlight of the year. Much more so than Christmas Day itself.

Quick survival guide:

Look after yourself: Manage your time, try not to spread yourself too thinly. Enjoy yourself, but too many late nights, not enough nourishing food, too much alcohol will only deplete you. I’m not saying you should stop drinking, I’m just saying be mindful of how you drink and how you choose to recover!

Make soup, drink hot water with ginger and lemon, and keep taking the minerals, more now than ever! Keep juicing, in fact, juice more! Stay nourished, keep well.

Be conscious of your spending: It always feels very commercial at this time of year. It’s the same every year. Nothing changes, but our perception does. You don’t have to be a scrooge, but try not to get sucked in to buying things willy nilly! Write a list, set a limit and stick to it. The gift is also of giving, so make some gifts too.

Take time out for you. This is a time to really practice mindfulness. Take out your yoga mat and spend ten minutes a day for you. Mindfully noticing your breath for just a few minutes a day will give you some focus. You do have time.  If you don’t practice yoga, just sit, and BE. Ten minutes, that’s all it takes.

Learn to say no: You’re not being mean or rude, just know your limits. Taking on too much at this time of year can lead to illness in January, when your immune system has been compromised through poor diet and too much alcohol.

Write lists: I love a good list! Be organised. Sometimes just writing a list will enable you to see where you need to ask for some extra help. Order your bulk food on line – if there are any slots left! – and remember, the shops only close for one or two days. You really won’t run out of cheese!

Candles and stones in a calm zen spa environment.

Take some time for you….. It’s not all about everyone else!

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