It takes a lot to impress me!

Well, here we go, a blog post about something I have just discovered, and I am truly amazed at the results. I’m also astounded that I haven’t heard of it before. Although we all know things happen at times when we are ready for them, and maybe this is the perfect timing for me.

A good friend of mine, Paula Carnell suggested that I try these plant derived minerals after I commented on how amazing she looked. Paula had been working her way through an ‘illness’ for the past seven years and has now come out the other side. A real process of self realisation and healing for her. From being pretty much bedridden and only able to go out in a wheelchair, she then was able to drive, and move around with a walking stick. The final six months of her recovery from what had been diagnosed as CFS ( Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) but now it’s understood she has Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, has been completed with her taking these minerals. Walking stick to NO stick in 4 months.

Now Paula does her research. She has been wheat, dairy and sugar free during her recovery and really understands what her body needs and how to eat ‘clean’. I commented that she actually looked better than she did before she lost all her energy and had to stop completely. She left me a booklet to read and a sample. I then did my research and was surprised and quite concerned about the way that this product was sold. I was so concerned that I wrote about it here. Then, over five weeks and having taken it every day, I have a completely different view! Although Multi Level Marketing has never appealed to me, maybe it was because I had never found the right product!

I started taking it for general health. A natural addition to my diet that went well along side my daily fresh alkaline balanced juicing. I had no idea, that after such a short amount of time the hip discomfort I’ve had for about three years is about 75% improved. A pain linked I am sure to menopause, and many of you who follow this blog, will know I have tried osteopathy, and a few other holistic therapies. I see a renowned osteopath in Taunton, Sara Kennard, and she thought it could be menopause linked. She suggested I see an acupuncturist. – The mark of a good therapist is to know when to refer on, and Sara really does know her stuff! Acupuncture helped with general energy levels, apparently still depleted from when I owned two large salons and was super stressed!

I have also seen Phil at Hands On Clinic in Braunton – a superb healer and massage therapist, but I needed something else. I needed someone who understood the subtle changes in female energies and have found a great Lomi Lomi massage therapist in Taunton which is really hitting the spot, and it has become quite apparent that although I have no other menopausal symptoms other than a few ‘dark emotional flat days’ and scanty periods, this hip pain was probably linked to it. Speaking to other people, joint pain is another issue and you just have to get through it. Really? This process of being peri-menopausal could last for TEN years!

So you can see how excited I was after taking these minerals for just five weeks and seeing such a great result! Apparently it was probably magnesium I needed – and NOT the metallic tablet form that you find in health food stores. These are what we call chelated minerals, where they have been wrapped in amino acids in a laboratory scenario so your body can assimilate them. When you think about it, why would you ‘ingest’ a metal? Wouldn’t it be better to take your minerals from prehistoric vegetate that formed in a glacier millions of years ago, kept safe and from pollutants. Your body will absorb 100% of the plant derived minerals, where only a maximum of 20% of those taken in tablet form. Bit of a no-brainer really!