It’s The Time of Year for Some Kombucha!

This is a re-write of an old post about this incredible gut friendly drink. I’ve had so many enquiries about kombucha making since Lockdown, so it’s an ideal time for a re-vamp!

Yes, it’s all about gut health and digestion.

You all know I’m into gut health by including raw fermented foods into my diet. Sauerkraut is lovely, but not something I like to eat every day! Personally, I’m not keen on milk made kefir, although I haven’t tried kefir water yet. Now Kombucha, that’s another story! Fermented tea! I love it.

Originating in China about 2000 years ago, this is something very powerful. Not only does it aid digestion, it can help with arthritis, IBS, and help maintain a healthy immune system. It’s a natural probiotic and some say it is useful in the prevention of cancer. It is a mild diuretic and detoxifying agent, so start slowly, especially if you have been unwell or suffer from gastric issues.

This is my take on this great drink, although you can google away for many different ideas and recipes. Good healthy bugs to keep your gut happy. Everyone is talking about it. In the UK we seem to be very slow on the uptake, as this great drink has been in the Far East and the US for many years, just as sauerkraut has been part of Scandinavian life for ever!

You will need a scoby!

I bought my original one from an organic supplier through Amazon.  Choose your supplier wisely. You need your SCOBY to be authentic and organic. If you are near to me, I often have babies I can offer to people, but I’m not in the business of supplying on a large scale. I've had mine on the go for about five years!