I'm no longer exhausted

It's taken a while, and although I am fully aware that I can't change the world, I've decided to really settle back and let others do what they need to do. I've been so swept up in the 'why can't people see what's going on' game, that I have forgotten to practice what I teach about mindfulness. Being in the moment, working on the things in your own life that you can change, without worrying about the rest of the world.

Fifty Four years on the planet.

I have always been a healer. I'm a beauty therapist by trade, having moved into the realm of holistic therapies about twenty five years ago. I trained back in the early 80s - so if you're not sure of my age, you can pretty much work it out. I'm 54 this year.

It's a year since we were catapulted into Lockdown. We had no idea what would happen twelve months down the line, and I'm sure we have all been through the health/mortality/priority/rest scenario.

We had no idea that one year on we would be in Lockdown number Three, and our friends would be fighting each other over wether they really thought the Vx was the golden chalice that was 'advertised'.

Everyone is changing.