I’ve been meaning to write about this for a while, but keep finding new things to add. If I leave it any longer, I will have been through and come out the other side!

In my line of work, I see all sorts of people with varying physical and emotional ailments and issues. As I’ve got older, so have my clients. I have seen many through life changes, marriage, children, and now we have the menopause. Is it a ‘pause’ ? I don’t think so, although it does seem to mess up the flow of life for many.

It doesn’t seem that long ago that I was a teenager at college studying hairdressing and beauty therapy, way before the industry had the wonders of spray tan, gel nails and laser hair removal. ‘Holistic’ was an unknown word, and Aromatherapy was considered an alternative medicine. Day Spas we not even created, and laser hair removal was unheard of. This was the 1980s when we went clubbing on a Thursday night hoping that the 50p a shot drink of the night was something we really liked (not Pernod!) We had shoulder pads, puff ball skirts, white stilettos, and lots and lots of hairspray! No internet or mobile phones, which meant this was before the days of Face Book and social media. Not quite like ‘yesterday’, but it certainly doesn’t feel like 28 years ago! Since then, many of the friends I had during the three years at college have been discovered through the Internet, and a reunion has been arranged for September. Some of us have met a few times in the last nearly three decades, but with many, the last thing we remember was leaving college to take on the world! Some had jobs in the industry lined up, some moved around, one went on to the cruise liners, a couple went in to teaching, and a few didn’t stay in the beauty industry at all.  We left, with no thoughts of how we would be in our 40s and we certainly had no idea about the menopause!

So, here we are. Some are hitting fifty, where a few have a couple of years to go. Bodies are funny things. The conversation at our little get-together in the Autumn will be interesting. We will all have painted our toe nails, and groomed our eyebrows, and I’m sure much reminiscing will be done. No doubt we will also be looking at where we all are now. Who has hit the menopause, who has come out the other side, and who is still as regular as clockwork?

I’m the youngest, but seem to be in the Premenopausal stage, which apparently can last for years! I’ve had the blood test which concluded that the results were ‘consistent with early stages of menopause’. Is that helpful or not? I’m not sure.

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