So I have returned, and we all survived!

The first holiday abroad for my brother was a complete success, and a learning curve for all concerned. We went to see our mother and Step Father in Brittany. From helping Adam to pack, as he has spacial awareness issues, to the long wait for the ferry, we overcame each obstacle as it appeared. Living in the moment was very much the name of the game.

The ferry was late getting in due to the bad weather, which meant we had to wait in the car for nearly two hours. We were rekindling games of childhood eye-spy as we waited in the queue to board. Lots of fun and laughter from both of us. Lots of questions being answered about the size of the ferry and why it doesn’t sink when all the cars are loaded.

I was surprisingly calm about the sea state. I’m not a good sailor, and when we saw the forecast for the crossing, my heart sank. For the first time ever, I managed to get through the night without any dramas of my own!  I had remembered to send some Reiki ahead for the journey. This made huge difference. If you have skills – use them!

It was really rolling!

All Adam was looking forward to was his promised pint – he had no preconceived ideas of the crossing at all. The best way to be! I think he thought the rocking and rolling of the ferry was more amusing than a hindrance. Although I don’t think he got much sleep! His concern over the length of the journey, amount of petrol we would use and the amount of driving involved, was on his mind more than the movement of the ferry. He thought it was quite funny, but you never know what he really feels. His perception is so different to ours.

Do you know what a wind turbine is?

Due to the sat nav taking us on a different route to the main motorway, we were able to enjoy a scenic drive through to the south of Brittany. Pointing out wind turbines to Adam made me realise he had no idea what they were. We must be grateful for the things we take for granted. Some people never get to travel at all. Not just abroad, but just out of their home towns. As he pointed out to me, he knows where Exeter is, and Weston-Super-Mare, but he couldn’t visualise where we were going at all. Thank heavens for google maps and the little blue flashing dot!

We had two whole days in Brittany.

Two whole days and the half day when we arrived. The unknown lay ahead. We had to allow for Adam to orientate himself, and get used to being in a house f