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The next step.

I’ve been teaching Reiki for many years, and using it within other treatments I offer, but have always known that the energies I use within LaStone and massage have been very Shamanic, enabling me to work much more with the energies of the earth. To be able to connect ‘upwardly’ through my crown chakra to the guides and helpers ‘above’ was something I learnt when I took my Reiki Attunements. Until then I had always felt the energy coming up through my feet. From the planet. I find the best place for my own meditations and ‘time out’ is the garden, where I lie on the grass for ages just ‘feeling’ the planet below me.

A few years ago I learnt about the Munay-Ki Rites.

This seemed so perfect for me as the next step, but I would have to travel to receive them and  from what I could gather they were quite an intimate way of sharing energies during the teaching, so I wanted to know the teacher. I didn’t I want to travel to Peru either, which I have to say, although I have always wanted to go, the over- commercialisation of the whole sacred area has been putting me off.

Earlier this year I was so pleased to find someone locally who could give them to me.

‘When the student is ready the teacher will appear’

And this certainly was perfect timing! I had been thinking about it for a while, and just after Christmas, I saw through the powers of FaceBook, that a good friend of mine had taken hers and was able to pass them on. Remember the ‘floaty friend’ in the book I wrote last year who was very angelically connected? The one who has voices in her head that I desperately wanted to be like? Well, she’s come down to earth! Literally! I spent two amazing days with the lovely Aquara Soma and have rediscovered things that deep down I already knew. It’s now time for me to pass these Rites on to others.

It’s quite ‘woo woo’.

The Munay-Ki are a series of nine Rites that will lead you into a place of personal power and wisdom. These Rites can be likened to the attunements you receive in Reiki training, but they work on a more earthly shamanic level. They are a way to reboot your luminous energy field and connect you more deeply with the Shamanic energies of the planet. They are present in many Shamanic traditions and all help you connect with those who have gone before, and those yet to come. You will be familiarised with power animal archetypes and these rites have the ability to change the quality of your DNA as part of the development into a more spiritually enlightened being.

Nine Rites in total can be taken over a period of time.

Depending on your own personal requirements. Some people, who have already taken Reiki Attunements with me, may like to take them in sets. Others may need to take one at a time. Traditionally they would have were taken in places like Peru with a Shaman. The Laika Indians of old brought these Rites from Siberia many thousands of years ago and we have got used to seeing them given on pilgrimages to sacred sites.


It is my belief that as with Reiki, we have evolved very quickly over the past few years and these Rites are part of the essence of our planet. They shouldn’t be restricted to far distant lands, where we have to travel up a mountain before receiving them. This of course is perfectly acceptable for those who choose to do it this way and have the time, money, and stamina for it!

It is my feeling that this should be a Rite of Passage for anyone wishing to take the path, regardless of the country you live in I am just preparing everything to be able to offer them here at Wayside House from the end of July.

This is a very personal and intuitive development in my own path. It’s about as far towards to ‘Woo Woo’ as you can see me going, and more details will soon be available on the website.

This is just a little taster as I have needed to write about it for a while. There will be more very soon.

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