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The shortest day and longest night.

Today is the shortest day and longest night. The Winter Solstice. The pinnacle of Yule Tide.  Thank the Pagans for Christmas. It’s not all about babies in mangers. It’s much deeper than that.

As you know, I am a lone witch. I don’t do full blown ceremonies with masses of people at Stonehenge. I like a more subtle, carefully planned little moments of magic in my own space.

I’ve been asked what I actually do.

I’m reluctant to share a step by step procedure of my evening, as it can evolve in the moment. I have a basic plan where I use my drum, my smudging stick and sometimes my crystal singing bowls.

If you are looking for some specific structure and guidance, this may help……

(Some of this information has been taken from the Sacred Science Team.)

Create a sacred space.

This could be in your own house, you don’t have to be outside. Perhaps use only candlelight. Choose your candles and set them in a space you can gaze at.

I personally gather items that symbolise Water, Air, Fire and Earth, and place them in a specific way.

Flowers or greenery from the earth, in water. Air is brought to the space with feathers, and fire will be the candle or the fire pit.

Sometimes I hold ceremony to release specific things, and other times I use it to give thanks to what has gone before, and what will be brought in.

The turn of the wheel.

crystals ina grid

Add a crystal to your space. 

• Smoky quartz helps release old patterns and beliefs.

• Aquamarine helps you move past anger, fear, and unhealthy emotional patterns.

• Rutilated quartz reaches the root of your problems and helps facilitate healthy change and calls in divine protection.

• Citrine helps you get out of stuck patterns from the past and get into the present joyful flow of life.

You can use essential oils as both an offering and as a symbol of releasing.

This isn’t a necessity. You don’t have to run out and purchase oils, but if you have them, this may help:

• Frankincense: for prayer and meditation.

• Cedarwood: for wisdom and discernment.

• Bergamot: for letting go of anxiety and fear.

• Rosewood: for letting go of grief and sadness.

• Ylang-ylang: for letting go of fear and courageously embracing your new future.

On small pieces of paper, write down key words that represent the limiting beliefs you would like to rid yourself of.

Each belief should get its own scrap of paper—ideally you should feel an emotional charge to each one as you mark it down.

Important: There is an alchemy to this process and the power of the experience will be heightened if you can fully give yourself over to the notion that these words are in fact a physical anchor for a nonphysical inner shadow that is holding you back.

When you are finished, take a few deep meditative breaths.

Empty your mind, and read through each of the words one final time, letting their meaning wash over you.

Pick up the first piece of paper.

Staring at the words written on it, say aloud:

“I choose to release you now.” Then, using a lit candle or lighter, ignite a corner of the paper. Let it burn in a heat-safe dish, or even better a fireplace, or fire pit if you are outside.

Let the paper burn.

Allow the symbolism of this act work its way into your subconscious. Repeat this process until all words on the paper have turned to ash.

Close your eyes and meditate for a moment.

Ponder on all of the lessons you learned about yourself while lighting the pieces of paper.

Often letting go of what does not serve us, leaves free to reach for something vibrant and fulfilling in our lives.

Some of this information has been taken from the Sacred Science Team.


You are not IN the universe, you ARE the universe, and intrinsic part of it. Ultimately you are not a person, but a Focal Point where the Universe is becoming conscious of itself. What an amazing miracle. ~ Quoting Eckhart Tolle.


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