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Unturned Pages

How many unturned pages of life do we all have?

I've finally found my blog mojo to continue the story of Annies Song, and express some recent musings.

Annie passed in to the light on the 14th June, and her life was celebrated two weeks ago at Higher Ground Meadow The most beautiful memorial service I have ever attended.

We arrived early.

Having arrived early, we wandered (me, barefoot) through the meadow on the wet dewy grass, to enjoy the tranquility, but sadly not the view. It was a murky grey morning, but we did see a deer and a red kite. The meadows are beautiful and the graves are understated in orchards with trees planted by each plot. A real sense of calm and synergy with nature that would be hard to ignore.

We were asked to wear something floral

To celebrate Annies love for nature and gardens, we were asked to wear something with a flower theme. It didn't have to be anything much, so MrH wore bird of paradise socks. Some had floral scarves or ties, while I had flower beads on my bracelet and some lavender from the garden on my bag.

The whole service was centered around the family love for music, with a playlist of 'desert island discs' chosen before she died. Poignant, beautiful and thought provoking. She was in a white whicker coffin, and we were invited to place a white rose on the top as we left. A beautiful moment. Annie was being cremated the following day, with her ashes going to the Isles of Scilly, as and when her husband feels ready.

It got me thinking

How many pages of our lives do we have left to turn? No one knows. These words were on the back of the 'order of service', although it was more a celebration of life and not a religious ceremony at all. Annies words. Written while she was in the hospice.

There are no more words

Life goes on, but your life is actually very short in the grand scheme of things. Do what you need to do. Life life to the full. The older we get, the more value we put on the time we have left. The golden years, the long awaited retirement, the swan song. It's part of life as a human being. We don't think about this when we are in our twenties or even thirties, but when you get to your fifties, things shift and change - especially as a women through the menopause when you have that constant reminder that your body isn't the same as it used to be!

Be true to YOU. Follow your path.

Stop trying to please others all the time.

Go with your heart.



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