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Yes, I do want things to be pink and fluffy!

‘You just want everything to be pink and fluffy, that’s not real life you know.’

YES, I do want things to be pink and fluffy. Why wouldn’t you want everything to be nice? What is the harm in that?

Now, I am realistic, I know world peace is probably a far off dream, and there are people on this planet who people steal our possessions, cause harm to others, take our pets, and bully children. I know we are all here for a higher purpose, and global events are here to teach us something….

Oh, there she goes, she’s on a woo woo moment again! When you step back and look at the bigger picture, yes, India probably won’t become plastic free over night, and Donald Trump will continue to irritate the whole world, but have you seen the difference we have all made in the past few months with our awareness? You see, things can change. It just needs enough people and the right energy to move things along. Sometimes we need a global catastrophe to make us wake up and smell the coffee. The oceans will repair themselves, nature is clever like that. At what cost though? That’s our problem as the human race that lives on this amazing planet. A blog post for another time….. lets get back to the pink unicorns and rainbows…….

I would love the whole world to be a better place.

So yes, I do want everything to be pink and fluffy. Why not? I am however, living in the real world, I know there is pain and suffering all around. Being aware of it, and noticing what is happening on a global scale through the radio or television is one thing, but sometimes I just need to switch it off. Self protection I guess. Keeping my energy levels intact, and not allowing anything to pick holes in my bucket!

You can choose what to watch.

Last week we were watching Silent Witness. The one with the nursing home and the mental health issues. If you saw it, you would know there were many issues concerning the mistreatment of people in care. It really upset me. Maybe because of my brother, not because he was mistreated, but because I saw how misunderstood people with serious psychotic issues are. It brought me to tears.

Different things affect you at different times. Maybe I was more sensitive than usual because of the full moon/menopause/general grumpiness? We are all human and we are all unique. What upsets me, may not upset you. I’m not here to judge anyone, I just want to say that wishing things to be pink and fluffy isn’t a crime.

In our household, we have an understanding that I don’t watch anything with pain, suffering, violence, torture etc. Well, not knowingly. Sometimes I get half way in, and have to leave the room. Generally my viewing rules out war films, most futuristic type series and bloody crime dramas. (Mind you I did watch the whole of Breaking Bad in a series fest when skiing one year.) I recently started watching McMafia with MrH, and lasted two episodes. He now watches it alone while I get supper. My choice.

There needs to be a balance. There will always be a yin and yang. Good and bad. There are a few of us around who can continue to focus on the pixies and unicorns. There’s nothing wrong in that.

Go and find yours!



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