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Everyone needs a de-stress and recharge.

Everyone needs some time out from their normal routine for a de-stress. A recharge of the batteries and time to recalibrate the system. We ensure that our cars get a regular yearly service, so why not our body? Probably because we don’t realise we need some down time until it’s too late. We run on all cylinders and only notice we need a little help when things start to go wrong. Our health suffers and we develop a few ailments. How often do you hear people say, “I really need this holiday” ?

I am lucky to live and work in a beautiful part of the country and rarely feel ‘stressed’. Years ago when I owned two large salons, I actually thrived on the stress and enjoyed the buzz of being a successful business owner, managing my lovely team of staff. I was younger then, and I decided to change my pathway nine years ago and move out to the Somerset Levels, where I could treat people on a one to one basis. With this new area of my career also came a more stress-free way of living. I rediscovered yoga, I started juicing, found Mindfulness and was able to teach Reiki in a beautiful relaxing setting. For those wanting more of an insight, my book explains more.

Stress manifests in everyone in different forms, and over the past two months I have felt the need for a re-boot. If you read my previous blog post about having to deal with my autistic brother, you will know that this  break was much needed. It couldn’t have come at a better time!  Normally when things get busy and I need some time out, I can take a few less clients, walk more and meditate slightly longer, and this normalises and rebalances me. I have never really needed a summer holiday, preferring a ski trip in the spring. Always put off by the inclement British weather, and not wanting to leave the watering of the garden to a house sitter, I have been very happy at home with time out in my garden and the surrounding countryside. Until this year.

This year was different. I needed to clear my head and allow someone else to treat me.

I reach one of those big birthdays next year and there has been a hotel on my wish list. In fact, in true manifesting form, this photograph had been my screen saver ever since a client had told me about it. I wanted one of their bespoke ‘Journey’ treatments. My husband had said he was aware I never have a summer break and we should go somewhere for a long weekend. I think he was waiting for the big birthday to book The Scarlet, but I had an epiphany – Life is just far too short. Why wait? I booked it. Two nights away in this adult only hotel with the most amazing spa. These hanging pods are in the relaxation area and I so wanted to be cocooned in one of these!

As a therapist, I am very particular which treatments I choose. I never book for something I do myself. That way I can’t compare. There is nothing worse during a hour or two of bliss, for your brain to be thinking… ‘oh, that’s clever…. that’s a great move… I may try that…wonder how she did that? How did she warm that oil? What’s in that scrub? Wonder how she folded those towels under my knees…..???’

Admittedly, the under knee towel idea is one I have brought back with me…. I’m always open to a new trick or two!

The consultation at the Scarlet was very thorough. I always add my occupation when completing the pre-treatment questionnaire, although when I was a young therapist I used to panic if another therapist came to me for treatment. I used to think she would be testing me! As I have matured, I love treating other therapists, as I’ve realised that they need treatments too. With the vast diversity of therapies on the spa circuit, it’s rare anyone would come to me doing the same treatments themselves. They usually want to experience something different, and with this in mind, my lovely therapist Lorena, had spotted my occupation and so could tailor the consultation accordingly.  This is an Ayurvedic Spa and I learnt so much. Lorena was able to spend a while talking to me in more detail with a great little hand drawn diagram how many different types of air flow are believed to flow through, and round a cell. When one direction is sluggish, the other direction becomes blocked. Fascinating stuff!  


Ayurveda is not a treatment modality I am very conversant with, although I understand the basics. I’ve always found it quite confusing when reading about this way of working. I just allowed Lorena to do what she needed to do. Surrendering to the expertise of another professional and allowing her to complete a ‘journey’ with me. Four hours later I emerged. Job done. The only other time I have received a treatment of this standard was in Thailand. This is a lot closer and I will be returning next year. I have found my oasis of calm and somewhere I can recalibrate. We all need to take time out, it’s just realising when it’s needed and making time. Making time for yourself before it’s too late.

I have swum in the natural reed pool. I have walked upon the sand, breathed in the sea air, eaten beautiful locally sourced food, and enjoyed some yoga on the balcony.

Reboot complete.

Now I am ready for you!


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Nicki is a Contemporary Energy Artist and Holistic Healer based in the beautiful Somerset Levels.

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