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It’s been too long, I’m sorry!

I’ve always been pretty consistent with my blog writing, but I’ve recently lapsed. It’s been too long between posts, and for those who only follow me here, I apologise! I’ve been spreading myself across a selection of social media to find which avenue works best. It seems they all do! Not everyone uses every platform, so I need to keep in touch with you all, but I’ve been spreading myself a little thin.

Some of you regularly read the monthly newsletter, while others like the stories on Instagram. I quite like instagram for my art and posting photos of flowers – you may have seen a plethora of tulip porn recently! I must admit that ‘stories’ on Face Book don’t hit the spot as much as the Instagram ones, and for those who do neither of these, then I’m boring you already!

So, I’m here now. Enjoying the most glorious Easter weekend. No work on the Saturday meant that I could have four days clear to paint! I’m creating some quite different work from the previous pieces. I’m going bigger – needs must – and I am getting ready for the One Year On Exhibition in August.

I’ve registered for Somerset Arts Weeks

You will find me in the SAW brochure later in the summer and my venue is The Kitchen at The Wharf in Langport, where you can already see a selection of my work – I have a wall!

My style is changing rather rapidly. When I consider how I work with Reiki and other healing modalities, everything is pretty rapid with me! Rather than trying to slow it down, I am going with it. My energy vibrations are fast, and so is my emerging art. This isn’t a bad thing, although it costs more in new materials! This little video shows you some new work that can be purchased through the Kitchen, or give me a shout if you want to know more about any piece.

Finding Balance.

I can now find a good balance between treating clients and having full days of painting. The weather has certainly helped recently as I can paint outside – it saves getting so many paint spatters on the kitchen floor! Oops! You’d be surprised at how far a little tap of white paint on the end of a brush can actually travel!

I work with the breath.

Using a bamboo straw to move the paint over handmade rag paper, enabling me to embed Reiki energy into each piece. I’ve been working with Reiki for over 20 years, it seems right that I use it within my art!

Before I go…..

An advanced notice invitation for you! Like last year, the venue is the stunning Langford Hotel at Fivehead, with a Preview Evening – If you would like to attend the first night please RSVP as there will be drinkies!



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Nicki is a Contemporary Energy Artist and Holistic Healer based in the beautiful Somerset Levels.

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