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Listen to that inner voice.

It’s been a long time coming, but we have finally had the ski holiday we missed out on last year, when the Beast From The East scuppered our flight. If you are new to this blog, then read about the turning point here.

I’m not a natural born skier. You know this. I didn’t learn at school and I’m not sporty at all. I enjoy skiing because I like being up a mountain! Up a mountain, breathing mountain air, eating amazing food and hopefully spending a few après ski hours in the spa. Steaming and icing my knees, and drinking great herbal teas.

I don’t like skiing when the weather is murky and the light is flat.

For those of you who don’t ski, it’s a bit like driving in fog. You many know the road but you drive more cautiously. When you ski in bad light, your body weight shifts, and instead of looking far ahead, you look down more more. This makes your skis lift up at the front and there’s more wobble. more wobble means more panic. I ski slower which means it’s harder to turn. Then I panic more. Vicious circle, and its just no fun skiing in weather like that. After all it’s meant to be a holiday!

It’s taken many years for me to be ‘ok’ about being a fair weather skier. We would always want to get full ski value out of our (not cheap) lift passes, and would want to ski every day. I’ve realised as time has gone by, this had a detrimental effect on my skiing ability. Two steps forward and one step back . It probably comes with age too. Even MrH will now say no to skiing in conditions that he once would just ‘give it a go’.

This year we were blessed with the most amazing weather.

We could ski every day in pin sharp blue skies, and for the first time ever in my ski history, I was down to one layer of clothes! This, I can assure you was a miracle! The resort was quiet and a joy to ski round.

I decided that I would really prepare for each day by using Reiki to set myself up. I wanted the most from my weeks annual holiday, so thought it best to draw on all my resources by charging myself up with energy before I hit the slopes. No point waiting for a wobble to occur and then wonder what to do!

This worked perfectly for the first two days, until MrH decided to do the mountain Orientation from 1100-1300 on the third day. This meant as I didn’t want to ski a bit, then come in and wait for him, I would just start late and meet him as he finished. I went out un-prepped. No Reiki, no mindful breathing. Nothing. Just a teeny bit grumpy, as it wasn’t the best weather, but still ok for us.

No Reiki Mojo!

So, that taught me a lesson! I didn’t want to disappoint MrH and said I was ok to carry on, but somewhere inside, I knew  I wasn’t. After an embarrassing, slow and bambi-like descent, I was true to myself and said no. He swiftly agreed, and we went in, quipping that it’s normally day four that I have a meltdown, not day two, so hopefully I’d peaked with the wobbles early this year. 🙄

Instead of dwelling on that awful run down, I just realised that I hadn’t been prepared! No Reiki, no routine. That will teach me. It also showed how powerful some energy work and mindfulness can be. You don’t appreciate what you have until it’s gone! It was also a mindful moment. Letting it go, and not dwelling on it for too long. After all tomorrow was another day.

You don’t need to be able to do Reiki to have a positive experience on the ski slopes – (being a more confident/competent skier does help!) – there are lots of other techniques available – NLP and EFT for starters. I use Reiki because I can, and I find it easy to do. You don’t have to be a teacher or practitioner to use it in the way I did, you just need to be trained to channel the energy through yourself. For more information look here.

The rest of the holiday?

This holiday was by far the best ski holiday I have ever had. Although we have had some great times in the United States about 10 years ago, my skiing wasn’t like it is now. Good clear weather, a little warmer, and more confidence, has really made the difference. It also helped that the

Hotel Schneider was superb. Family run, and with the high end attention to detail you would expect from a hotel of this caliber. I actually cried when we left.

I know those of you who were following my instagram stories really enjoyed the posts about the food! So, for those of you who aren’t on Social Media, here are a few photos for you, and a little walk through the spa!

I’m on holiday after all!

Dessert Buffet on a Thursday.

Mocktails – they had SIX to choose from!



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