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So you don’t ‘do green’?

Juicing is a funny thing. Until about four years ago, I knew nothing about it. It was a friend of mine, AnnSee Yeoh who introduced me to it, and it changed my life. It also ensured that my lovely husband got closer to his ‘Five A Day’ by me gradually testing different ‘recipes’ on him! The best one is beetroot based, as he swears it improves his gold game. So I’m in a win win situation there.

I’ve been recommending Juicers and have been a great fan of Jason Vale, aka ‘The Juice Master’, for a long time, and have moved with the times by upgrading recently to a new Retro Juicer.

The most perfect cold pressed juice, with minimal much drier pulp.  I’ve lent my old Philips Juicer out to numerous clients with all but one deciding to buy their own… usually the Fusion which was my last model – Good price, and so called because it’s a mid way point between the slow and the uber speedy.

I find it really interesting how different people view the subject of juicing, and I do realise that not everyone can be converted.

The comments I often get from clients:

‘So, you mean you juice vegetables?’  – Yes, but I add apples for the soluble pectin and sweetness. More veg, less fruit. More green means more alkali, means more anti cancer. Although I do juice with the seasons, so more root veg in the winter. Carrot, apple, beetroot and ginger is one of my favourites. Parsnip, pear, mint and ginger is also quite amazing!

‘Is that a bullet?’ – No. A bullet is a high powered blender. Very different. That’s a whole subject in itself. See earlier blogs.

‘Do you live on juice?’ – No, that would be silly. I juice every morning for my vitamin fix. I also like cake.

‘I haven’t got time’ – Well, no matter which juicer you have, from fridge to draining board it’s about 7 minutes max. So, you really don’t have time? For health? Really?

‘I just can’t ‘do’ Green.‘ – This is the one I have had real problems with. Why can’t you ‘do’ green? If you eat green veg and salad, have a  green soup, munch a green apple, what is the difference? Maybe these people don’t eat any veg at all? Then I understand, but if you don’t like the idea of drinking cold liquid green juice then I bet if I made one for you and popped it in a beaker so you couldn’t see the colour, then you would like the taste. How often do you have a drink and actually look at it while you are drinking it? In a mug?

Juicing is healthy. It gives you amazing vitamins straight to your tummy. If you have a dietary problem like IBS this is just perfect. Not all juices will suit you. Some you really won’t like the taste of, so change them a bit. Personally I’m not a celery fan, but one stick added to a couple of  apples, some cucumber, carrot, ginger and turmeric and a slice of lemon, makes it fall in to the background and I still get the vitamins.

My old juicer is still being lent out. If you want to ‘try before you buy’, just let me know.




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