Who does all the art?

‘Who does all the art?’ Asked a client I treated yesterday, as he looked at the gallery wall.

A client who is not subscribed to the newsletter, and has no interest in any social media, so how would he know?

Me. It’s my art.

Now that shocked him a bit. Then came the questions: How long have I painted? Where do I paint? How do I do it? When do I find the time?

When I explained that I work with energy and embed it in the painting, that was  probably a little too weird for him! He still liked the work though.

It made me think that those sort of questions will be asked at my exhibition in the autumn. It was an interesting conversation! I wasn’t embarrassed that I am not a professionally trained artist, and that surprised me. I was a child at school in the 70s when you only got the chance to take art if you were good. That meant being able to draw a resemblance of something that was tangible – like a person, a scene or an animal. I didn’t have that skill. Only the gifted ones were allowed in the art hut!

I’d forgotten how it all started.

When I went off to college at the age of 17 for a three year course in Beauty Therapy and Hairdressing, I was worried sick when we found out that we had a whole afternoon of art on a Friday afternoon. Not only was it at the end of a mad week of intense classes, I had discovered that most of my friends had take Art at A Level. This was not good. Not good at all. This was 1984. Well before the internet and mobile phones. We had no access to computer generated graphics and publishing programmes. When the brief was to design the interior of a reception area, or a carrier bag for a salon or brand, it was done by hand.

I did ok!

Surprisingly I finished with distinction alongside the ones who were naturally gifted. I realised that the tutors just needed to see that we had the creative ability to get our ideas across. After all, if we ended up with our own salons, we wouldn’t be making our own carrier bags, but we just needed to communicate our ideas to those who could.