Juicer or Bullet?

So many questions, so many options! I seem to be constantly asked about which juicer to buy and why don’t I have a Nutribullet? So much to cover in one blog! I may have to do a little series, as the essence of juicing is a major sun jet in its own right!

Lets start with Juicing though…..Having looked at a great video on Jason Vale aka the Juice Master website about ‘which juicer is right for you’, it made me realise  that you really have to purchase the one that is just that – right for you. Cost is a big factor, but if you are new to juicing, there is no point spending £300 on a super duper Masticating Slow Juicer, if it’s going to sit in the cupboard gathering dust. I started juicing over three years ago and the trend then was FAST. Large chute that takes whole apples and pears, with no need to peel even pineapple. Short work made of beetroot and parsnip. Zoooom! Juiced! A little noisy, but we didn’t mind as it was fast! Now there has been a shift. A change in trends and we are more aware that slower is better. The slower the motor of the juicer, the better quality juice you get. So a masticating one is by far the best. But very expensive, and your fruit and veg needs to be chopped first.

So, we give you the Fusion. Philips have come up trumps with this little beauty. It’s a mixture of the two. A good price – about £99.00 and with a slower motor that extracts a better quality juice.


My old juicer died a few months ago after daily use for nearly four years, so I decided to upgrade. I heard good reports, but to be honest it took me a while to get used to it.

I had a few issues with it at the beginning as it was ‘too slow’ compared to my old trusty one. Now after a month or so I see that this is the whole point. Slow is better. More vitamins. Less heat produced with the quieter slower motor. Yes it takes a little longer, but this is an affordable juicer that comes mid way between the cold press slow masticating ones and the fast speed zooming ones. I guess that’s why it’s called ‘Fusion’.and to be honest…it’s not that much slower….I timed it! A juice for one, from fridge to draining board after washing, was …. 4 minutes! Now, anyone can add that into their routine. No excuses! Taking a little longer also makes you appreciate the juice…. becoming more mindful. After all, it’s still fast to clean. So you make up time! Win Win!

Whichever juicer you choose, generally aim for one that has a RRP over £50. Any cheaper and it will fall apart, or be very noisy and a real pain to clean. Expensive is not always best, which is why the fusion is a great choice.