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We had snow. Now we have a heatwave.

It wasn’t that long ago we were all stuck at home because of the snow. I remember it well, as I had the non-holiday! – although this did enable me to start a new project, so all wasn’t lost. There is always an upside….. well, most of the time. We are now enjoying a real heatwave – a summer where we have brown grass and empty water butts. Farmers are crying out for rain, there is a hosepipe ban in parts of the country – although I’ve never really understood why people water their lawns when there is a need to save water, just like I don’t understand people still having a bath, but hey, that’s my issue!

Is there an upside? Well, I  guess manufacturers of shorts, swimming costumes, icecreams, soft drinks and suncream are really happy! I’m one of those people who live in jeans, and when the summer comes, I rarely purchase shorts and skirts, as the weather never stays hot for very long. This year, I should have treated myself. A bit late now – I’m in that mindset of ‘if I buy a skirt, it will rain’ … oh hold on…. maybe that’s a GOOD idea?

Quieter Times

As a business, I am always quieter at this time of year, as most people are zooming away on their holidays, although I do have an influx of exhausted teachers through the door. Being less busy has meant I can spend some time painting ready for an exhibition in October. Yes! A LOT has happened since the last blog!

It’s all about balance. Being creative in the summer, is apparently what artist types do. Then they exhibit, and spend the winter creating work for commissions, ready to emerge again in the spring. Seems like a plan to me. Making the most of the summer colours, heat and the need for water!

Showing appreciation for the most basic things that we take for granted is so important. We so often forget to be thankful for the water we drink and the self watering garden! It’s not until we are making endless trips with a watering can, do we really notice how much water our garden needs. 

Kangen water

Is it global warming?

We had a drought in 76. Was that global warming? I remember my mother taking out the washing-up water to throw on the shrubs. I still do that every summer, regardless of a drought. Being aware of what we use is so important, and water is something we so often just take for granted. It’s not until we hear the words hosepipe ban on the news, that we start to conserve water.

The planet ebbs and flows. Mother nature is a clever girl and will shift and change. We will shift and change. I am shifting and changing. Life is like that. Be flexible.



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